Wrong playlist order on Deezer Android app

  • 19 January 2021
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I tried to sort the playlist with filter ‘Recently Added’. The song order view is correct (latest song added to first song added) but playback is in reverse order. So when I play the first song and finishes,  the playlist finishes. Next song switches to ascending date. I noticed this in the web app and android app. Few days ago this functionality worked as expected. This bug seems to be reintroduced every couple of weeks. Also, I tried to report this issue with your web form, but after clicking the submit button, I think the form wasn’t really submitted, it was just cleared :expressionless:
I tried to clear app storage and cache but it didn’t help (it seems like a pattern with the android app for some time now, I clear the cache and storage on a monthly basis, because of bugs)


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8 replies

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It seems to work now as intended.

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Hey Denis @DenisPanda 
Thanks a lot for sharing and for your resourcefulness.

Just in order to help other users, could you please let us know your device, OS and app versions?

I have the same problem with the android app. please tell me how to fix this. 

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We're investigating this at the moment @Dora Gray please make sure the app is updated and thank you for your patience!

Hello, I also have the same problem today. Is there something that I can do to fix the order? 

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Hi @Sorina I am sorry to hear that. Can you please provide more information (as much as you can) in order to help you?

Hi @Jaime. ,

I have this problem on the mobile app, I am using a Huawei P30 (Android version 10). The problem happens on Favorite Tracks, I have selected the ‘Recently Added’ order, but when I press the Next Song arrow, it goes backwards. For other orders (A-Z - Track/Album/Artist) I don’t understand how exactly it goes, but it seems random to me.

 It doesn’t respect the order displayed, however you can see what song it’s going to play next in the ‘Now playing’ window.

There is also another bug that happens, after my phone becomes inactive or I switch to another app and I return to Deezer, I am not still at the same position in my playlist where I pressed the song to play, it refreshes somehow and brings me at the top of the playlist.  

Please let me know if you need more details.

Thank you!

Same here, just like Sorina!

Motorola G5S Android 8.1.0

See also the other thread

@Rudi I don't want to reinstall and download all my loved dongs again 😬