Why is my deezer app not working?

  • 29 June 2019
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So, I have this strange problem with the app. It started like a week ago and I still have not found out what it is about. I can't play songs on BOTH android and pc(some songs, not all, those that I have "downloaded" in my cache mem are working) . I'm having hard time searching songs as my search box doesn't work either sometimes. I have constant connection to the net, without any memory and disc problems and it's not working on both pc and android. I'm using deezer premium. I have checked out the web for similar problems but I can't find anything like this (not working on both devices). Maybe it is something with the account or deezer servers? Thanks.

1 reply

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Hey @Mateja Radovic ! Sorry to hear that 😞 I have checked your account and it's an active Premium one, so everything should work properly. Can you please follow this troubleshooting and let me know?

  • On your mobile
My Music >>> Gear Wheel >>> App Settings >>> Smart Cache>>> slide the blue button towards the middle of the line.
If you are using the battery saving mode on your device please turn it off for once and try to test Deezer again.

Still having trouble? These are the steps for a clean uninstall/reinstall:

**Please keep in mind this will remove any downloaded songs on this device, but you can easily download them again afterwards, from your “My Music”.**

* My Music >>> Gear Wheel >>> App Settings >>> Disc Usage>>>Clear All
* uninstall Deezer
* remove the SD card
* restart your phone
* reinstall Deezer (available on Google Play)
* open Deezer and download at least one album or playlist and play one song
* reinsert the SD card

  • On your PC/laptop
Does this happen on the browser or desktop app?

Thanks 🙂