Why are some songs not available in a Family profile?

  • 27 February 2019
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Hey, I have a family subscription.
For some reason one of the profiles under my account suddenly stopped seeing all kinds of music
After a while we realized somehow the profile swapped to a kids' profile - so I turned it back to normal.

For some reason the profile still cant see some songs and shows them greyed out and unavailable.

The funny thing is that not only I've listened to those songs earlier - i can still access them from the other profiles in my subscription, all of them but this one .

Double checked the kids mode, reloged a few times, reseted the device - nothing helps.

What can be done to fix it ?

4 replies

It feels like its still on kids' lock

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Hi @mghell34 can you please tell me which profile this is regarding?
Hi @mghell34 can you please tell me which profile this is regarding?
Well actually I erased it already and made a new profile, which helped.
It was called jekagav or something like that.

Had to try and fix it somehow, decided that losing playlists was worth the early fix
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@mghell34 I am happy to hear that you solved the problem. There is however something we can on our end in some cases, I think it was related to age restrictions. Please let us know if you encounter more problems 😉