Tracks in different places jump forward.

Hello! I have a phone huawei mate 20 x. There is a problem when listening to music. Tracks in different places jump forward. It happens on different music. It happens often and it is not possible to use the service. I washed cash, but it does not help. When loading again there are bugs. I also had a problem with the Samsung a7, but it was rare there. I reinstall the app. Increased smart cash to 30 GB. But still bad. When will you fix this bug?

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l have the same problem, i just bought 5 days ago a Huawei Mate 20 lite. i usually restart the cellphone 2 or 3 times a day or reinstall the app to "solve" the problem. when you will fix it?
+1. The same promblem on Huawei P20 lite and Xiaomi Note 2. Not always, but always annoying.
Same problem huawei nova 3
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I'm sorry about that! Our devs are aware of it and hopefully it will be fixed soon!