Tracks are skipping on mobile!

  • 10 February 2019
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I only recently moved over to Deezer my Fitbit now links directly to it so I can have my music on the go. Sadly, I am regretting switching over as I am finding that whenever I use the Deezer App on my Android phone the songs constantly skip around.

I use Deezer on my laptop as well and never have an issue, but this is seriously annoying. I've tried installing and reinstalling the app, I've tried downloading tracks and it doesn't seem to make a difference.

Please can someone help, I just paid for another month, but at the moment I am so fed up, I am thinking I am going to cancel.

8 replies

I am also having this issue and haven't got mine linked to my fitbit. It's extremely frustrating and I can't find anything from Deezer anywhere to say how to fix it. I also use Deezer on my tablet and don't have this issue with that.
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Hi there @smooshy888 @Rick Hales

Do you have Huawei phones? Some users have been experiencing similar issues with their Huawei devices. Fortunately one user was able to have a way around it. Please find more details here.

If you don't have a Huawei, please let me know what device you have and in the meantime, please try reinstalling the app.
Hi @Rudi, that link takes me to a log in page that I can't get through...
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Hi there @Rick Hales

Sorry about the link - try here 😉
I've just upgraded from a Samsung galaxy 8 to the 10 & I'm now having trouble with tracks skipping.
More frustrating is the fact that I had a couple of 'Christine and the Queens' tracks that were in English and they've reverted to the French versions.
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HI @MC. did you get a Huawei phone by any chance? Songs do not change the language by surprise, please search for the ones you wanted to have in our library 😉
No I didn't get a Huawei, I went from a Samsung galaxy 8 to a Samsung galaxy 10
& yes I appreciate that I can download the tracks again in the correct language but that's besides the point, as I shouldn't have too *sighs
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Hi @MC. I understand your frustration, but there is no way for us to do this for you. Once you download certain songs it is impossible for them to change to another language. It is not possible for us to see in your account what happened in this case, the only way is to download the songs that you wanted to have in the language you wanted.