stops after 10 songs. need to press play twice on android auto

when playing the song ends and plays the next one .but when it gets past 8 songs in a row it will just stop at the start of the next song? need to press play twice to continue. I have cleared cache.adjusted storage .changed to load from sd card. uninstalled and re installed. still continues to pause. not good for a hands free system.

not to happy with it at the moment. considering going back to prime.

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Hi there @Shayne Horton

Sorry to hear your experiencing these problems. We're working to improve our Android Auto integration but this doesn't depend solely on us.

I know you've said you did a lot already, but before we continue, could you try the following steps, exactly in this order, to see if it helps with your issue?

  • make sure you're connected to a wifi network
  • uninstall Deezer
  • clean your phone's cache
  • remove the SD card
  • turn off your phone
  • reinstall Deezer
  • open Deezer and download at least one album or playlist
  • reinsert the SD card

Then when testing AA, connect your phone to the car before opening the Deezer app. And let me know how it goes!
I have this exact same problem. Is there a fix in the works?
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Hey @briandullea

Thanks for reporting. Have you tried the steps above?
I just ran through the best I could.
No SD card on the pixel 3.
I removed Deezer. Cleared the cache on the Android Auto app.
(I use the android auto app not the built in AA in some cars)
Rebooted my phone. Re-installed Deezer.
Downloaded my most frequently played song list.
I will let you know if it continues.
I haven't had this issue with Pandora, Amazon Music, YouTube Music all using Android Auto.
Same issue.
This only happens while listening through Android Auto on my Pixel 3. I can listen directly through the Deezer app and it never stops.
Glad it's not just me, I got galaxy s10 running android 9 all my other music apps that I've tried work, sometime though the song pause other times it switches back to my radio, AA is still connected. deezer works great the rest of the time, listened for about 5 hours at work without any hickups both wired and Bluetooth.
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Hi @briandullea @Sebastian.W sorry to hear that you are still having problems. We are working on more issues regarding using Deezer in cars. Our developers are aware of the issues and for now we can only ask for some patience. Sorry for the inconvenience.
sorry for not getting back sooner,
done all the above and it's now worse.??
seems like it stops for ads but I'm on premium.
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Hi there @Shayne Horton

Sorry to hear that. What app version and device do you have?
latest updates on Samsung s9 may update

pressed play 10x (5 songs)within 30 mins this morning on way to work
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Thank you for reporting it @Shayne Horton we're working on it.
Have you tried connecting to the car before opening the app to see if it makes any difference?
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I've started to get this recently too. I thought it was done to network coverage, but sounds like the same bug
makes no difference at all. only that it makes hands free no longer hands free. works great on Amazon prime and my sd card music only issue is deezer
Still having the issue after the latest updates. (android auto ver. 4.4.592344-release and Deezer ver. I did notice that when it stops I can skip forward twice (not once) and it will start playing again on a new song. After it starts I can actually go back twice and it will play again on the original song it stopped on. That is nice being my state goes hands free in 8 days so I can't be hitting the play button every time your app stops. Hoping some of this helps in your troubleshooting.
Any luck with this as the i use my deezer mainly with android auto and seem to be paying membership fees for no reason as it can be dangerous to keep on having to press play two times between nearly every track at times.
just had the new android auto update and latest deezer version and it's still pausing .lately 1 song then pause 1 song then pause. I cannot believe I'm still paying for this. maybe go back to the free version
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Hi there @Shayne Horton @Avtar Sandhu

Thanks for reporting it to us. I'll be passing the feedback to our team here. I've refreshed the cache of your account on our side to see if it makes a difference but this seems to be what we've been working on for a bit.
This is a joke considering how long this has been going on for and all you have been saying is that you will pass this feedback on.. i have been paying £15 for my membership for a while now yet i cannot enjoy what I could easily enjoy with spotify for example. I believe a refund is in order as this is clearly a deezer issue and not android auto.
so basically you have no clue what is going on and your answers are to fob us off but continue to bill us ? I have had this issue for all my contract period. and all together you have done the sum total of 0 .zero. nadda ziltch bug all not sure if I am getting my point across. your system does not work 100% so why should I pay 100% off the fee ?
well after all this time and getting nowhere fast I have cancelled my subscription . just aswell to have ad breaks than music pausing after each song. taking the hands free away from hands free. well done deezer help team I re installed 5x cleared cache 5x which made no difference. so I have gone to soundcloud who do not support android auto but the music does not pause
I've had exactly the same issue for months. Originally I thought it was because I was using a Nokia with Android 9 so upgraded to a Samsung S10. Thatlnk goodness I'm not the only one being driven nuts by some badly coded software. It IS clearly an issue with the deezer app because like everyone else; deezer is the only app that keeps sitting down randomly, seemingly dependant on the flight path of a nearby butterfly disturbing the dolphins. This may be sarcasm but after reading the responses from deezer on here it is more useful. And to add one more issue, who has noticed that the track times don't always sync up right. I even tried the new AA interface, which is a major improvement on a shockingly basic one, but this made no difference whatsoever.

Come on guys at deezer and start earning your salary that is users are paying. Please sort it or I can easily see you losing a lot of paying subscribers, and that will annoy the shareholders!