Stop playlist from shuffling when playing

  • 10 March 2023
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I’ve just resubscribed to deezer premium after several years of being with another provider and have noticed the annoying shuffle thing on Android mobile app, I was trying to listen to some music to make my racing mind rest and let me sleep however when I played the playlist it kept shuffling the order and took me several minutes to get it to play the playlist in order, I had to start from the second or third song. Why doesn’t the play button just play the songs in the order set in the playlist like it used to? It seems instead of going forward the app has gone backwards in terms of features and ease of use or am I missing something? The settings seem oddly empty in regards to settings so I’m guessing it’s not there if it actually exists.


I noticed this happened today on the desktop app when I pressed the play button it started from a track that was 15th in the playlist instead of starting from the top.


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Make sure the shuffle option is not turn on. That sounds like it turns on.

You should see it in the player screen.