songs stop randomly for 1 or 2 seconds

  • 1 August 2019
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Music stops playing randomly. For 1 or 2 seconds then continious the song. It's not muting, but really stops / pauzing the song. Not every song. Both on my phone playing and while it is connected to a speaker / car. With flow, songs and playlists.

I have already deleted the deezer app several times and installed the newest version of the deezer app.

App doesn't crash.
It keeps running in the back or in front.

Samsung 9 plus
Newest deezer app

Best answer by MartijnKooij 9 August 2019, 21:22

Tried it and it works 👍👍
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3 replies

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Hi there, please try our android troubleshooting and let me know if it helps!
Thanks Rafaek, We'll try this.
Tried it and it works 👍👍