songs sounding distorted and like they're being fast-forwarded

  • 21 December 2019
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When I put a song in my playlist after a while the song starts to sound extremely distorted and very much like its on fast forward  and I have to find that same song again through the app delete the Songs in my playlist and put the other same song in the playlist how can these songs just be refreshed without me deleting And putting the song into the the playlist every time??

23 replies

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Hi there @Meens Jr 

Sorry that's happened. Could you try the following steps, exactly in this order, to see if it helps with your issue?

  • make sure you're connected to a wifi network
  • uninstall Deezer
  • clean your phone's cache
  • remove the SD card (if applicable)
  • turn off your phone
  • reinstall Deezer
  • open Deezer and download at least one album or playlist
  • reinsert the SD card (if applicable)

Let me know how it goes :wink:

This same issue is happening to me if I skip a song it happens. I power cycle my phone daily and clear cache once a week. What's going on? 

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Hi there @torymousel 

Thanks for reaching out. Have you followed the troubleshooting above, apart from clearing the cache? Is this happening to specific tracks or randomly?


I'm using a Samsung A20 and running the last version of the app. Some downloaded songs seem to be distorted and glitched. It's really hard to describe but they kinda sound like they've sped up.

I had the problem a few months ago, so I uninstalled, deleted the cache, reinstalled and downloaded my playlists again. And it was fine for a while but the problem reappeared.

It almost seems as if starts with one or two songs and then suddenly more. Almost like a virus, which spreads across downloaded songs. Repairing the files also doesn't work. 

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Hi @santiago barrail thank you for contacting us. Sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue again.

Could you please check the following: 

  • Have you tried to deactivate the download slider and then activated it again while having good Wifi?
  • Did you wait until the download process finished for every single song in that playlist?
  • What is the brand and model of the device you are having problems with?
  • Which Operating System Version (Android, iOS, Windows) do you have installed?
  • Which Deezer version do you have installed?
  • Are you using a SD-Card?
  • How much memory space do you have available on this device?

Thank you


- All damaged songs, that I am aware, return to nornal after I uninstall and redownload the app. After a few days, some become bugged again. Always random songs. So downloading the songs with good wifi is not really the issue, as they are already downloaded with it.

- Yes I leave the process overnight. In total 4 playlists. 

- I only have issues with my Samsung A20. I can play the same bugged songs from my computer fine. 

-  Android 9

- Version Updating the app does not help. 

- I was using an SD card but after re-doing the whole process (for the second time) I removed it in the hope it would solve the problem, but noy even after a week some songs are bugged again. 

- I have 1,5 GB out ouf 32 available. My 4 playlists take up around 4,1 GB




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Hi there @santiago barrail 

Thank you very much for providing the detailed info above - that helps a lot.

So just to get it right, the downloaded/cached random songs get "buggy" after a few days of using the app? Is this happening over roughly the same period of time? If yes, please let me know how often it goes back to that and if you've closed the app or not in the meantime. The idea is to dig deeper as it seems the problem isn't on the tracks. I'll be passing your info to our devs :thumbsup_tone2:

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Also @santiago barrail, our devs got back to me and asked for a few track examples for testing, and if this is happening while you're offline or online :thumbsup_tone2:

Okay just to clarify what's happened:

- Few months ago, some random downloaded songs started bugging out on my phone. Once it got bugged, a song stayed like that. The amount of songs which were bugged slowly increased (only realise once I play them obvs so maybe they all got bugged at the same time). Repairing file, updating the app, redownloading the playlist didnt work.

- So one day, I reseted everything. Deleted the cache and the app. Installed the app again. Downloaded all my playlists overnight with wifi. And the songs returned to normal. 

- Few weeks later, random songs started bugging again. Not the same ones as before. Same process. I notice a few at the start and then more and more. 

- So I reseted everything again. And this time I removed my SD completely. 

- Again, bugged songs seem to play fine. But then, they started bugging a only a few days later again (now), so with a smaller time frame. Random songs, not always the same ones.

- A few track examples are: Next to Me - Otto Knows; Calling - Sebastian Ingrosso. But both play fine from my computer (browser)

- This is happening both online and offline. Like I said, once a song is bugged, is bugged. Can't fix unless I reset everything. 

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Thank you very very much @santiago barrail!
For the tracks you mentioned, could I please have their URL just to be 100% I've got the same ones?


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Thanks @santiago barrail! I listened to both songs and everything sounded normal to me! When you clear the cache, do you increase the smart cache? I think it's something with your device… Please clear the cache and increase the smart cache as much as you can. Let me know if it helps!

Yeah its not about the tracks.. it's about how the songs are stored on my phone. There's something which is corrupting the streaming. Either way, I resetted everything to see if it works and increased the smart cache. But it will probably happen again so must be a problem of the Android version of the app. 

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Hey @santiago barrail 

Keep us posted, I'll pass on more details to our devs once you test Rafael's suggestion :thumbsup_tone2:

Hi Rudi and the Deezer team,

Have you got to the bottom of the issue of songs getting scrambled. I see from multiple chat threads for many many people over the past 6 months and more, have been getting this problem. Me too. More and more songs get scrambled in my play lists. You need to fix it or I'm leaving Deezer in the next few weeks!

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Hi there @michael r how is this working for you at the moment? We have released updates to several apps recently, could you please report if the situation remains the same for your device? If it does, please give us a bit more details on your system :pray_tone2:

Hi there. I've got the same issue, mostly on songs I've added to my favorites, downloaded or not (as far as I can remember, it happened once with a song I played for the first time, without download). The songs play out with extremely annoying glitches throughout. 

I use a Samsung Note 9, with the app up to date ( and the issue started occurring quite a while ago (at least since January). 

I really hope this is a priority for your dev team because not being able to listen to the favorite songs really sucks.

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Hey @secouss_theone 

Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please uninstall the app, restart your device, reinstall the app and let us know how it goes? If it continues, please change the audio quality and report it here, back to us. By the way, is this happening to random songs or the same ones?

Hello @Rudi,


I'm back after a few months because the issue hasn't really gone away. I've even changed phones but I have the same issue. The key difference now is that the same songs seem to be getting distorted. But always there are newer random ones that also fall to it. It only happens to downloaded songs and now I've noticed that those songs lose the green downloaded dot next to the title. 


Here are two examples if you need them. But again, I can hear them fine on my desktop or after I delete the cache: 


Track 1 

Track 2 


Please let the developers know because even if I can redownload everything every now and then, it is extremely frustrating! 


I’ve had the same problems as mentioned above, that is “buggy” downloaded songs which sound scrambled and distorted. Just like for the others it starts with one song and then more and more. 

I am using an iPhone 8 and I have the problem both with iOS 13 and 14. 
I have downloaded the latest version of the app. 
I have emptied the 64GB of the smart cache logged of the app restarted the iPhone and logged back in. 
The Smart Cache is now empty and set to 64GB, I have over 100GB available on my phone. 

The problem still persists. 

I can send you the URL of the tracks but apparently every time someone does this it is fine for everyone else and the problem concerns different songs for everyone. 

Could you please provide me with some guidance to solve this problem ?


Thank you very much in advance. 

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Sorry to hear about the inconvenience, Romain @elixaro 

I still believe you should post the URLs here so that I can check on my side. If they don't work, I'll be passing your user details and what you wrote here to our devs so they can better understand the issue :thumbsup_tone2:

Hey there,



I have been having the same issues as many have already mentioned above. Random songs from my favorites sound distorted and faster. I had all of my songs downloaded for a long time and this has started to happen within this past year.  Gradually I notice more and more songs turning this way. It’s a really big inconvenience... I don’t have this promblem when using Deezer on my computer. I use Iphone7, ios 14 and the updated version of the app.

 I have really enjoyed Deezer before all of this and really hope that this can be solved. 

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Hey @MeriP 

Thank you for your patience. Is this happening to downloaded content?

Could you please try increasing your Smart cache within the app's settings? To about half the slide.

Also, if you have the iOS app, please uninstall, restart your iPhone and then install the app again :thumbsup_tone2: