Songs skip back

Recently I've been having problems with songs skipping parts or skipping back and it's always on the same parts of the song. It happens online and offline. I have premium account and I've tried everything - restarting my phone, deleting chache and smart chache, reinstalling app etc etc.. I use huawei p9 lite and haven't had a problem with the app until now.

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Hi, your not allone with this problem. I have been having problems with songs skipping a few seconds backwards since I changed to the Huwaii P10. I have tried the toubleshooting tips like clearing the cash or reinstalling but nothing helped. There is another question in this forum with the same bug but it is marked as fixed: songs-skip-back-during-listening
However it does not explain how it is fixed. Could someone please tell us how to get rid of this bug. I have cancelled my premium membership until it gets fixed.

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Hi there, just to let you know that we have passed this issue with Huawei devices on to our devs and they are working on it! I'm sorry about that!