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  • 30 January 2019
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About once every 2-3 songs, there is at least a part of the song that is corrupted, where a portion of the song is played twice and the portion right after it is skipped.

Consider this schematic representation:

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRS -- the actual song
ABCDEFCDEFKLMNOPQRS -- what Deezer downloads and plays

In this example, CDEF is played twice, and GHIJ is skipped. This is precisely what happens to me, and it is quite often. If I pause the song for a while and try to go back, it will still play CDEF twice and not play GHIJ, so this is not specifically an internet connectivity problem. It might be caused by low internet quality, but surely Deezer uses some checksum to check that the packages are not corrupted?

Even if the wifi/4G had low quality (this problem happens with both), Deezer should obviously not play CDEF twice. I understand skipping GHIJ when streaming, but even then, whenever a song is paused, Deezer has the time to update the song accordingly, so there are no excuses for this behavior.

I have of course tried clearing the cache and reinstalling the app multiple times. The first song after clearing the cache is often buggy just like described above.

10 replies

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Hi there @Silvio.Ricardo.Cordeiro

In what device you're using the app on? Let me know so that I can try to help you out.
It's a Huawei P8 lite 2017.
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there is an issue with Huawei phones at the moment, but our devs are already working on it.
Hey, I also seem to experience the same problem, although not so often as you, it happens only on certain songs and a part will either be repeated (so the song lasts like 5 minutes), or after a certain amount of time the song will just get cut off and become scilence for the rest of the duration. For a while I thought it was the tracks problem because I am able to find other versions of the song which are indeed working and after a while some of the corrupted songs were fixed, but I still find song corrupted to me high on Hot playlists so they very likely aren't corrupted to other users. I'm however using a Samsung Galaxy S9 so I doubt the problem is only linked to the Huawei brand. Would really like it if there was a solution...
EDIT: So after researching a bit more, I tried clearing deezer's whole downloaded data and it actually helped. All of the downloaded songs had to be downloaded again, but I've found the song that was corrupted and at first it was greyed out, but when I searched for it and played it, it loaded and is now fully working and isn't skipping anything. Try it out, hope it helps you too
there is an issue with Huawei phones at the moment, but our devs are already working on it.

Hi Rafael, was this sorted already.

It is irritating the %&#* out of me and seriously looking for a better app.

Please HELP...
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Hi there @Tjoppie

Unfortunately it hasn't been fixed but it's high priority - several users like you have been affected. I'll be updating everyone as soon as I hear anything. Sorry I couldn't give you a better answer.
Hi guys I am also experiencing problems like this on my Samsung S7
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Hi guys I am also experiencing problems like this on my Samsung S7

Please do this troubleshooting -
THis appalling for a service I am paying for for 3 bloody years now. Using a Huawei Y9 and the corrupted / skipping issue is really really annoying. THIS SHOULD BE A PRIORITY to you guys. Else, please refund me.
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Hi @Murray.Van.Rossom we completely understand and it is indeed a priority, but it is taking longer to fix than we initially thought. In order to claim a refund please get in touch with your support team here.