Songcatcher not working on 4G

  • 16 November 2018
  • 8 replies

Currently on my Huawei Mate 20 Pro the Songcatcher feature only works on WiFi. If I am out of WiFi service (or just turn it off) the Songcatcher tells me it is offline. Yet, when running a speedtest on the 4G network I am getting easily 20-30Mbps and all other online services run fine..

8 replies

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Hi there, sorry for the late reply. That is strange. We did not have other users reporting this. Have you tried to close the app fully and load it again? Can you tell me which version of the Deezer app you have installed?
Hi Flo,

Thanks for your reply. The app version is

I have also tried this on another handset - Google's Pixel XL - and the same issue was present.

Very odd...and infuriating.

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HI @JoelB does all the rest of the app work? Can you stream songs?
Hi Flo,

Yes the rest of the app sends to work perfectly (on both devices).
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have you reinstalled the app?
Sorry I just created a question that is exactly about the same issue.
I have this issue for a long time.
I have latest version of the app, every other features work fine, only songcatcher on mobile network.
I have a Oneplus 5.
Waiting to be solved...
I have this same problem on a samsumg s7 edge never works says offline
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Hi @chalexis @Darren Morson could you please send us a screenshot of the error message or explain in more detail the behaviour? Which version of the app have you installed?