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  • 10 January 2019
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Galaxy S7 edge
WiFi connection: 100Mb
It downloads the music no more than 5Mb/s even with 4G.
Plan: high quality

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4 replies

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Hi there, this must have to do with your internet connection I am afraid. Try resetting your router for example or see if it happens on another wifi network as well 😉
Let me tell you that it's not my connection. So I ran some tests on different devices on different internet connections and I found out that the problem is that Deezer only allows 6 shitty Mb of bandwidth.
I tried it with the android app and PC app
So if I'm wrong I would ask you to run your own tests and upload screenshots
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Hi @Lisandro182

I'm currently investigating the issue so I'd be grateful if you could show me how you're measuring the speed, both with the Android and PC apps. And also, the type of connections you tried this on.
Perhaps you can send me screenshots so that I can speak to the right team at Deezer and get some more info.
Hi Rudi, basically what I do is. Through an app that measures the download traffic I download a disk. Then when I check the download speed, the connection never goes higher than 6Mbs
I do the same with my PC and the result is the same. My connection is 100Mbs so that means I should be able to download at least at 10MBs but that never seams to happen.
I didn't do it only at home. I tried it in several places with different connections and devices from people who has a Deezer account and it's always the same result.

I'll try to add a screenshot later. As soon as I can