shuffle play button doesn't exist for playlists or albums

  • 16 December 2019
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I've been using Deezer premium for 2 months but there is no shuffle mode or a button for playlists and albums. Is this a common problem or just me? I'm an Android user by the way.

4 replies

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Hi there @Aleyna Nerkiz 

You can simply use the shuffle mode button on the player when you're playing the playlist or album :wink:

I think the point is they want to shuffle ALL of their playlists or ALL of their albums and not just one. I am pretty new to Deezer and I really need a shuffle all albums options as this is how I listen to music. I always revert back to Apple Music because I can shuffle all of my songs in my library which is in essence the same thing. And its a super random shuffle. Its not playing the same 20 songs at the beginning. 

I rarely want to do that much thinking to get my music going and I don't want to play DJ either especially when I am driving! I just want to hear random songs from random albums and skip over the track if I want. I thought that Shuffle my music was the answer but have just realized its not. Bummer. While I can appreciate the feature and acknowledge that sometimes its nice to be enlightened on new music, I really just want to shuffle MY entire library. By the way, you can't do this is Tidal either without painstakingly adding every album to a playlist which I started to do but with 1500+ albums its just became ridiculous. Again, I just go back to Apple because it does what I want. Since I am a HiFi subscriber I would really appreciate seeing this feature added. I also own an AV company and recommend products and services daily. Do this for me and I’ll promote your product daily!  

I agree why has no one answered this. I was with Deezer went to Apple came back to Deezer 3 weeks ago now I think I will go back to Apple. I should be able to play MY music as I please. Well passed off!!!

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Don’t know about Android or iOS apps, but the desktop app and web player have a button for randomly playing your music library on top of each page in your Favorites section, i.e. songs, playlists, albums etc.