Shuffle doesn't resume

  • 25 November 2021
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"Shuffle my music" is seriously broken. It has been for years. Take this use case: I select a random song "x" because I want to hear it. Then later, I select "Shuffle My Music", thereby shuffling all my favorites.

If I close the app (on Android) and reopen it, it will revert the Now Playing to the one random "x" song and completely forgets the Now Playing queue that was there. However if I turn off Synchronized Queue-List in settings, it will not remember anything at all when I reopen the app. And I have to re-shuffle. This occurs in many cases where I play music in my car, leave my car, and come back.


This is a critical bug and has been ignored for years. This does not occur on iOS. I reported this two years ago, and it was ignored, so I switched to YouTube Music. I come back to give Deezer another shot and this issue is still here and it's major. 

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