Search bar on my playlist is hanging on Samsung S10 for Android 10

  • 2 September 2020
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Hi Team


I’ve been using Deezer for the last 2 - 3  years, and it has truly been great albeit every now and then songs that I look for are greyed out in South Africa due to a licence issue but the music I’ve added on my “Favorite Tracks” over the years more than compensates for that, to date I have 976 songs.


On the mobile App I’ve noticed that these past two months (July, August) the “Favorite Tracks” user journey has become very slow for the following features:

  1.  when loading the songs
  2. When pressing the search icon 
  3. Typing in the actual search bar
  4. pressing the back button on the search bar

It’s starting to disrupt my user experience, I’m usually not a person who reports issues as I assumed that this would be something that would be resolved but it has not. Kindly assist.


I have cleared the cache and has not helped as the issues still persist.


I’m using version of the Deezer App.

2 replies

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Hi @mpho.mahase have you tried to increase the smart cache? 

Also, do you use an sd card?

Hi @Rafael. I have now increased my smart cache allocated space from 11 GB to 21,5 GB and will monitor to see if it makes a difference. I do not use an SD card as my phone has space.