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  • 23 August 2019
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I see many people with that same issue here when trying to play a song, even downloaded ones. Just getting the error content not loading. I been having it for months. I have the family plan. I just hope this will get to tech support.
Not fair we pay same amount as spotify amd they offer a better service

3 replies

Hello, I keep having this problem from time to time, and especially whenever Im using google assistant while driving and trying to play a different tune. Its working for the first time, for instance "ok google, play radiohead", the app responds immediately and starts playing. If I go again with "ok google, play pj harvey" or whatever, I get the error: failed to play message. Its quite frustrating, cause while driving Im not able to push the retry/cancel, search by typing a.s.o. I should mention I did all the previous solutions listed on this topic: cleared cache, uninstalled, re-installed, increased smart cahe size (its already around 3 Gb, I much cache would it need?!) Im using an android 8.1.0.
A solution to this problem would be most welcome, as I see a lot of users have it.
Solved !!! Switched to spotify.
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Hi there @DeGarcia.SD @rolando.matsangos

Sorry that's happened. Could you try the following steps, exactly in this order, to see if it helps with your issue?

  • make sure you're connected to a wifi network
  • uninstall Deezer
  • clean your phone's cache
  • remove the SD card
  • turn off your phone
  • reinstall Deezer
  • open Deezer and download at least one album or playlist
  • reinsert the SD card