Real "full screen view" on Deezer Android app

  • 17 January 2021
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I've noticed deezer hasn't a real full screen view on android, what I mean is this:



As you can see the notification bar is always black, even when a song is being played:



This looks very "old fashioned" especially when almost other apps (not only music apps) has a full screen view, for example:


I know this is a minor change and there are many other more-important changes to be done, but this might be a nice change to be implemented.



5 replies

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Hey @Francisco Bombella 

With feedback like this, it's a pleasure to take your request into consideration, regardless of prioritisation!

Probably will take a while before we can develop it, but if it's not technically difficult, we may see it on in the near future :relaxed:

Thank you!

This app, not working full screen ! Why? 

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Thanks @BerkanP 

You mean having the menu bar reflect the colours of the app? We still need to tackle this in the future.

Please vote @BerkanP @Francisco Bombella

This app, not working full screen ! Why?


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Hi @JuanCarlos13 

Thanks for reporting this. Could you explain in a bit more detail what full screen means to you?