Playback jumps 2 track backward each time I open an appliation

  • 30 September 2021
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Each time I open (or switch to from task manager) an application, wich is currently playing in the background, the playback jumps 2 track backward, while the screen still shows the track that was playing in the moment of opening the application. Samsung Galaxy S6 Android 6.

A friend of mine, who uses Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with Android 10 tells me he has the same issue.

Please help to solve! It's very annoying.

10 replies

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Hi @Vitz,

First, make sure you’re running the latest version of Deezer (you and your friend).

If the problem persists, you can clear the app’s cache by going to your phone’s Settings > Apps > Deezer > Clear Cache.

If this doesn’t solve you issue repeat the above step, only now Clear Data instead. Log in back to the app and continue enjoying music and podcasts.

If that doesn’t solve your problem you can visit your Linked Devices page - Unlink all of them. Try logging back in again on your desired device.

If you issue is still present raise a ticket with support here.

3 days with the same problem here. I think they've just destroyed the app for Android. It's extremely annoying.

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Hey @Irineu Machado and @Vitz 

Which version of the Deezer app are you using?

Hi! The latest version available for my Galaxy S6, I suppose.

I've done everything suggested here: cleared cache, cleared data, reinstalled the app, cleared temp files using embedded Android tools, loged out the app and loged in again... nothing helped. Playback still jumps...

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Hi @Vitz can you please update to Beta version of the app and let me know if you still have the problem there, as developers informed me that should be fixed in beta and in production for the next release of the app in the next days.

Apologies for the inconvenience


I'll try.

Thank you!

Same problem

I installed beta version and I think the problem is gone!!!! No jumps during more then 6 hours of playback. But now there's another problem. Program stops responding every 5-10 minutes and android terminates it with error message.

I'll test it for some more time and then will update my post.

@Vitz thank you for an update!

Annoying issue these jumps, but beta seems to be worse, will stick to release. Hope they value their customers enough to release a fix for this bug soon.

Hi, everybody!

Beta version works fine. No more track jumps during 2 days of playback. I think developers found the problem and the way to fix it. But there is now another annoying issue. I'm not sure can I report it here or I must create new thread. Who knows, tell me please.