Playback jumping like a scratched CD

  • 10 April 2019
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When I listen to music, both downloaded and streaming, the songs are skipping about like a scratched CD, jumping form one place in the song to another.

I'm listening on Huawei Honor, android. I've had the deezer app for about 18 months and only noticed this issue in last month or so.

I have cleared my phone's cache, deleted and redownloaded deezer, rebooted my phone, and deleted all downloaded music from deezer but am still having issues.

Thanks for all and any help!

7 replies

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Hi @SA29

hmmmm sounds very weird. Are you using an SD card in your phone?

I know you said you've tried reinstalling, would you try again but in this order:-

Log out of Deezer
Uninstall the app
RESTART YOUR PHONE (very important)
Reinstall the app

Try streaming and let us know how you get on 🙂
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Hi there @SA29

If what Rob said doesn't work, you may be affected by an issue involving Huawei phones which is currently being investigated.
Hi all,

I've got the same problem with my Huawei P20 Pro.
It jumps around on certain songs but not all. I think on some songs it jumps at the same points.

I've tried to log out and back in, reinstalling the app, but still happens.
I've been having the same issue for a long time now. I've tried reinstalling, changing storage options and using on different WiFi. Only on my Huwaei phone have I had this issue. Laptop works fine
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Hi there @Tablistenstomusic

Unfortunately this is a long standing issue affecting Huawei phones which our devs have been constantly working on. Please visit this topic for further updates and troubleshooting tips.
Hi @Rudi thanks for your link, it seems that it links to an insided page that I'm unable to access.
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Hi @Tablistenstomusic sorry about that, I have corrected the link 😉