Не воспроизводится музыка

  • 9 September 2019
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Выдает ошибка сети

Best answer by Rafael. 12 September 2019, 14:29

Hi there, please try the troubleshooting procedures shown here -
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7 replies

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Hi there, please try the troubleshooting procedures shown here -

Добрый день! В режиме Flow возникает ошибка при воспроизведении.


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Hi there @Maxlaletin 

Sorry for my reply in English - our community doesn't support Russian at the moment. Could you try the following steps, exactly in this order, to see if it helps with your issue?

  • make sure you're connected to a wifi network
  • uninstall Deezer
  • clean your phone's cache
  • remove the SD card
  • turn off your phone
  • reinstall Deezer
  • open Deezer and download at least one album or playlist
  • reinsert the SD card

Have you watched the screen shot?I am connected to the Internet via Ethernet cable of an optical router. There is no SD card and phone on my computer. Two providers have this error. The speed specifications are shown in the screenshot.


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Sorry again @Maxlaletin I thought that my answer was clear - we don't support Russian in the community - so I'm unable to even translate your screenshot.

If your problem is with the browser or desktop app, have you tried reinstalling them? If yes, I've done some maintenance on your account from our side and sent you a password reset email. Please follow that email and change your password (this is under the assumption you've been affected by a known issue - because again, I can't see what the error message displays).

When playing music in Flow mode, a message appears with the text:


An error has occurred. Please try again later.

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Hi @Maxlaletin 

Thank you for coming back.

Have you changed your password as I suggested? Do you use the web version of Deezer or the desktop app? If it's the app, please reinstall it. Is this happening on random songs?

Restart your computer and the internet router as well.