My MP3s >1000 songs do not appear on "My MP3s" playlist

  • 31 May 2019
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I used to upload some releases I didn't find on deezer.

I use app on my PC to upload. Each time I create playlist with release name and add newly uploaded songs onto it. After that, on android app, songs can be listened to and (what is much more important) searched for inside "My MP3s" playlist.

But this isn't work when my mp3 songs count reached over 1000.

When it happened songs do not appear in android app anymore.
It shows only THE FIRST one thousand of songs. And what is much more frustrating it does search on playlist only through that number of songs. However songs are visible on playlists they where added from PC.

Here is how "My MP3s" looks like from the PC (notice the song number 1001 is "Certainly" by Ferdie Nelson:

and here is the same "MyMP3s" playlist from android app:

the top song is "Birds and Bees" number 1000 in playlist, after typing search term "Certainly Ferdie Nelson" nothing can be found!


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7 replies

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@karpatski Hey! Thanks a lot for reaching out 🙂 The content limit has been recently extended to 2000 songs, albums, MP3 etc. Can you make sure you have installed the latest version of the app?
@Alessandra.Deezer thank you so for your approach.
Is it possible to have it in beta version of app as well?
And also what happen when it reach over 2000?
Will search work throughout all the list or only visible part?
Search is troubling me much more ))
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Hey @karpatski ! Yes, it's possible to have it in Beta as well 😉 The limit at the moment is 2000, so when it reaches 2000 songs/playlists/albums and so on you won't be able to exceed the limit I'm afraid. However, our developers are working on the content limit, so I hope the 2000 limit will be implemented further very soon 😉

i have the 1000 limit issue and the latest version of the app i believe… how do i fix this? How can i open up the full 2000?

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See these support articles about the existing limits on Deezer:


thanks for the reply. unfortunately it doesn’t help much. I know the mp3 limit is 2000 on web and iOS but for me both are only 1000. When more is added i can’t see them. I need a solution to allow the expected 2000 limit



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