Music muted after each song on my car Bluetooth unit

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Hi there @rfreitas.1337

This is a known issue - so I've moved your comments here. We're looking into it and will keep this topic updated. Thank you for the feedback and for the patience - and please keep updating the app as you see it!
I think it's a different issue @Rudi.
Seeing the topic title, I just tested my tablet and my phone without using the bluetooth speaker and the same thing happens. I restarted it first just in case, and the speaker was not on at the time. Additionally, there are no volume variations as others mentioned, and I have no problems with Rocket Player, Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Video, Vlc, Spotify or Twitch.
It's also important to mention that the player doesn't show as paused, volume has not changed and it has not advanced to another song. It still shows the same song, there is no "next song animation", simply the song duration bar goes back to zero. When it fills up a second time it moves to the next song correctly, it shows the swiping animation and everything, and volume is normal. During this time without audio, if I pause and unpause the interface shows it correctly and it just continues "playing" without any sound.
It just really seems to think songs last twice as long (exactly twice as long) but it has no audio for that second half.
HI I have a Samsung with deezer family account. I can connect to bluetooth devices no problem continuous play until I connect to the car witch has a parrot system. It can go silent after one song or after a hour it depends how its feeling. I can see the music is still playing on the phone and any phone notifications or calls all come through as sound whilst music still doesn't come through. I thought it was the car but apple music plays continuous and googling issue more than a few ppl have this issue. Only way of getting sound bk is to turn bluetooth off then bk on again witch is not what u should do when driving. Why does your app not work but apple does? Do I need to switch as this sounds like a ongoing problem?
Any chance this gets fixed by this decade? This is the only app that does this volume (*censored*) over the bluetooth.
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Hi there @Bruny07

We're still working on getting this right and we do understand your frustration. Once we get an update on a fix, we'll update this topic. Thank you for your patience.