Music muted after each song on my car Bluetooth unit

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has anyone solved this one? still mutes after each song
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Hi there @tompatron

What kind of troubleshooting have you tried? Perhaps with our updates, there's a workaround. Let me know 😉
Hi Rudi,
I haven't tried anything, what do you suggest. Sometimes the audio works without muting, sometimes only commercials are unmuted and when the song starts it mutes after 2 seconds
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Hi @tompatron

Have you tried reinstalling the app and pairing your phone again?
nope, i'll try that and get back to you
Nope, didn't help. I was thinking about buying subscription, but if this can't be fixed I'll definitely try some other app.
The thing I don't understand is how is it possible that commercials don't mute?
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Hi @tompatron sorry to hear that nothing helped. Have you tested another Bluetooth device if the same thing happens than in your car? It would be important to know if this happens only in your car or in other situations too.
car is the only place i have a need to use bluetooth to listen to music
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HI @tompatron I see, it still would be useful to know to solve the problem as it could be the system in your car.
I still waiting to you to solve this problem, I do not pay premium until you solve this problem, there is no sense to me, this is the very important function. Any solution yet?
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Hi @Vlada M. I am very sorry, but I do not have any update on this. Have you installed the latest version of our app?
^ yes
Hi there @jaakkoto

Have you tried reinstalling the app and pairing your phone again?

Yes, severall times. And I have try deezer in 4 different phone in 2 different car. So the problem must be in deezer. I cant understand why nobody cant fix this...
I agree, tottaly insane,
it's incredible that no one is dealing with this problem...
I have a Skoda Octavia 2019 with Amundsen infotainment and I can confirm the bluetooth issues are still here. I have tried on 3 different handsets with 3 different Android versions (8.0, 8.1, 9.0) and the issue still isn't resolved. I contacted Deezers support and they still don't have a timeframe for the fix. This thread is old over a year. What the hell? I tried multiple streaming platforms and none of them have this issue. I know software development can be difficult but this is ridiculous. If you don't have a competent Android developer to fix this issue outsource it already.

Some of the problems I face:
  1. Volume spikes up substantially when switching tracks (very unpleasant)
  2. Sometimes won't start playing when using steering wheel controls
  3. Continues to play on phone after I turn of the car (even more unpleasant)
I tried unpairing and pairing with the car multiple times. I tried to do a factory reset (even reflashing my phone). I tried on a new out of the box Pocophone with android 9, always the same issues.

So if you have a Skoda car and a Android phone and you would like to connect to your bluetooth system it most likely won't work as intended. Android car works as intended (it has some small bugs but lightning years better then bluetooth playback), but most people have to use a cable which is a bummer 😕
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Hi everyone,

I'm creating a new report to our devs based on all information reported here in this thread. Could you please specify how to reproduce this? Also, could you also let me know which car system do you have? (2 users already reported having a Skoda)
Here is the manual form my car.
You can find more details about it on page 133 (Amundsen infotainment).

To me it the bug with sudden increase in volume when switching tracks happens about 95% of time I use the bluetooth connection. The bug when it continues to play after I turn of my car seems to happen if the app was already opened from before and the instance still resides in RAM.

If you need more info (like the bluetooth snoop log) please don't hesitate to contact me.
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Hi there @DenisPanda

Thanks for the input. Can you try opening the app after you've connected to the car?
Hi @Rudi.

Yes. I already tried that. It doesn't help. I can record the whole flow because it happens all the time.
I recorded a small video to showcase the issue.

Here is the link to the video:
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Hi @DenisPanda

Thanks for the video, I'll be passing it on to our devs. But as I've seen it, could you close the app completely (perhaps restart the phone) and only open it after the car and is started and the phone is connected to the bluetooth unit?
I found this thread and just wanted to share some info. When I use YouTube music and JBL xtreme Bluetooth speaker I get the same result. First song plays the next song mutes. Pressing pause then play brings back the volume. Every other music app works fine and YouTube music works fine with every other Bluetooth device I have. I don't know if the version of Bluetooth is to blame or what. I thought this info may help Deezer users solve this problem, and in turn mine. Good luck.
I'm having an odd issue on Android on both my phone and my tablet. Songs play normally, but when they end, the player doesn't go to the next song. I thought it was just stopping, since after 10-15 seconds I've been hitting "next" (which works normally by the way, it starts playing another song immediately), but today I was away from my tablet and just realized that after about a minute it started playing the next song by itself. Which is even stranger honestly. My phone has Android 4.4.4, and my tablet has Android 4.4.2. Both used to work well a few months ago (I interrupted my subscription for a while), although there are a few other minor quirks.
Oh, I'm using both my phone and my tablet for bluetooth playback, on my car and a bluetooth speaker respectively.
Edit: I'm looking at my tablet now and I see what's happening: When any song ends, it's not going to the next one, the interface shows it going back to the beginning of the same song and it claims to playing it again, except that there is no sound. When this "muted playback" ends, it goes to the next song. If I skip to another point of the song during this "muted playback", it starts to have sound (and it is indeed the same song I just listened to), but then when it ends it goes back to the beginning of the same song and it's muted again, just as if it was the first, normal play through.
I'm gonna go on a limb here and say that even though your interface shows the correct song duration, somehow internally your player is thinking every song lasts twice as long as it does and starts the next song when this time ends (source: am programmer).
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@rfreitas.1337 could you please also let us know which Deezer version you have installed on your phone and your tablet? 🙂
The app updated yesterday to version (on both devices). The issue persists.