music cuts out when using through bluetooth

  • 12 May 2020
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I mostly use my deezer when in my car. I only stream it through bluetooth. Now in the last few months it has develop a problem of cutting out at regular times.  It can just stop for a second or two or you have to reopen app and restart, which is obviously not great when driving. Now this never used to happen but now it does it all the time.  It works fine if the phone is plugged into my car with charger but I shouldn't have to do this. It also works with my sonus at home. My bluetooth works fine on other apps on my phone through

 my car and other places.  It really is becoming a pain and really do not want the hassle of switching to another provider. Now as a monthly subscriber I would expect some help with this as I'm sure you do not want to lose a customer. I look forward to hearing from you soon. 


1 reply

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Hello @Supasaint9, could you let us know which is you device, what is the version of Android ad well as the version of Deezer, and finally what is the make of your car?

Thank you for your feedback