Lady gaga artpop

  • 2 February 2019
  • 6 replies

So i was listening to lady gaga artpop album where i noticed the song "do what u want" that i couldn't play it i don't know why does anybody know why? Any answer would be appreciated, thank you for reading.

6 replies

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@Jad Mitri

The distributors have continuous access to the tracks that are available - they can be removed/replaced at any given time.
Glad you can find a single track as a workaround!
Well i guess it might be for that reason but the track was available until like 3 days ago but i can still listen to that song there is still single tracks of that song. Thanx for your help😉.
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Hi there @Jad Mitri

Please check this topic for more help. It might be that the track you mentioned isn't available by the distributor in your location.
I even tried to reinstall the app but also it didn't work😢.
I cleared the cache still it didn't work it won't let me play the is a screen shot.

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Hi there, please go to the settings > app > and clear the cache. Let me know if it helps!