I added new songs to my favourites and they won't download

  • 2 August 2020
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I added new songs to my favourites and they won't download. All the previous songs haf no problem downloading but these new ones won't download.

4 replies

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Hi there @uhmitsmichelle 

In which device and app is this happening? Have you tried reinstalling the app?

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I have the same problem, Deezer doesn't download new songs added to favourites. The option Download is toggled but there's no tick next to the songs, and there doesn't seem to be a way to manually trigger a download (pulling down to refresh doesn't do anything). Only solution seems to be to untick the "Download" option, wait a moment, then reticking it. Problem is that unticking causes all my 1000+ songs to be deleted and ticking again starts downloading all 1000+. Tech support advice on forums is always the generic "reinstall", the issue eventually reappears though. And yes I do have enough storage and it happens regardless of whether I'm on WiFi or mobile data.

Pic below is what I'm seeing, the last song that was downloaded in Favourites is from the time when I did the above workaround and had to wait 10+ min for all songs to download again. The ones I added over the past few days refuse to download. All I ask is for there to be an option to “Verify downloads" or something, similar to Steam's “Verify files" which checks files and redownloads any missing ones, or perhaps the download functionality could be more granular and work on single songs.


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Thanks for the detailed feedback @amoshi 

I've forwarded your comments and screenshot to our developers working with the Android app :wink:

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Our devs also got back to me to say they're working on a fix that may sort this out :smiley: