Flow mix is not working properly

  • 8 February 2020
  • 3 replies

I was trying to listen Flow mix, in the beginning it worked well, but after, about, 30 mins, every second of the song did not play. So I had to jump over, listen one song, jump, listen jump, listen…

Why is it like this?

3 replies

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Hi there @jhkm883 

Thanks for letting us know. Have you tried clearing your app's cache in Settings? If yes, please let me know which device and OS you have, so that I can try to help you further :thumbsup_tone2:


I have Nokia 6.1 with Android 10

I did clear cache, still the same, so I deleted the app totally and downloaded it again.

Now it has been working OK, for a day , not that much use though today.

But it seems to be OK, I am waiting to see what happens when any song containing Pyhimys aka Mikko Kuoppala comes up, because before all his songs (or if he was a part of the band, or song written by him, arranged by him etc.) were blurred like just pieces of bits..

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Thanks for coming back and sharing @jhkm883 please do keep me posted then when you get a chance to listen to those songs!