Flow keeps stopping because the request content could not be loaded

  • 3 February 2019
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for a few days now I have problems with my Flow on Android. It keeps stopping after one or a few songs, I have to unlock the phone to see the error"request content could not be loaded". This is really annoying....

Can you please change it so this content will be skipped automatically? As it is now, the fun when listening to music is gone...

Thanks a lot

5 replies

Hi, i can't help other than empathise. Its been happening to me for months. The only music i can play these days is stuff ive downloaded. Trying to stream via flow just isn't working. I pay for the service but its not working. Seriously considering cancelling my account.
The solution (at least for me) would be to not show this message and just skip the song, as every ~2nd song is playing fine.... But now I have to manually open Deezer, click on cancel and then on the next song....

I really hope somebody from the development team is reading this!
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Hi there @debbieellen

Sorry to hear that. Could you please try the following troubleshooting to see if it helps:

- uninstall Deezer
- clean your phone's cache
- remove the SD card
- restart your phone
- reinstall Deezer
- open Deezer and download at least one album or playlist
- reinsert the SD card
Before i do that, can you please tell me if i will lose anything? Last time i cleared my cache flow went back to zero. I have invested time in building up my favourites etc which aren't backed up anywhere, so I'm reluctant to wipe anything without more information.
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Hi there @debbieellen

No worries, I understand. If you follow the troubleshooting I've recommended, you'll only lose your downloaded songs. Your favourites in my music - which work with Flow - won't be affected 😉