Fix scroll location on screen rotation

  • 19 June 2019
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This is getting really annoying, so i'll post it here.

Why is mobile app reseting scroll to the top after screen rotation?

Example. I scroll on my favorite tracks list, find what I want to listen. Let's say it's half way down on the list. Now, I plug my headphones and am rotating phone to landscape so I can place it on the desk while I'm working. After rotating phone, app just resets scroll to the top and now I have to scroll again to find that track.

This is really bad UX and bad concept. If there is a fix for this, can someone point it out to me? If not, can this please be forwarded to the devs so they can look into this? I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem.

7 replies

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Hey @Brzeczyszczykiewicz

Thanks for reporting this to us and sorry for the inconvenience. So that we can test it out, could you please let me know what app version and device you have?
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App version is and the device is Galaxy Note 9.
I'd like to point out that this happened on all versions of the app I had and on multiple devices including Xiaomi Note 3, Galaxy A7 (2019) and on current Galaxy Note 9.

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HI @Brzeczyszczykiewicz thanks for the details, we will pass it on, hopefully this can be changed soon 😉
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Is there a possibilty that this issue was taken into consideration? A lot of updates were done since I mentioned this issue, and there hasn't been any form of acknowledgement that this will be fixed

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Hi there @Brzeczyszczykiewicz 

Thank you for reaching out to us again. It's been passed to our devs when you initially reported, but it hasn't been prioritised. However, I've asked for a direct update so that we can chase this as well :thumbsup_tone2: thank you for your patience and understanding!

It's been a year nothing has changed.....this is the reason Spotify and apple Music will always stay on top because you guys never listen to your own customers no matter how few or much or even loyal they are damn.

I can’t believe a simple UX bug reported 2 years ago is not yet fixed.