fitbit ionic wont sync wirh deezer

  • 28 October 2021
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Not sure if it's because the ionic is older now, but I cannot for the life of me get my watch to sync music with Deezer. I have feeder on my phone, all connected to my Fitbit app. I even get to the point where my Fitbit says "sync in progress" but then it does nothing, and after a minute it goes back to the main screen.

I've tried unpairing and re pairing. I've tried turning on and off. Logging out and back in. 

It's driving me mad. Why won't the music sync! This is the only reason I've created a Deezer account and it won't work... So frustrating.

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4 replies

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@Jared Strapp might be worth messaging Fitbit support to see if they can advise.  Is the Ionic software/firmware up to date?  This could be a bluetooth incompatibility.

I have this same problem.  Deezer support says they are aware of the issue, but they do not have a fix.  I have a fitbit versa 3 and my music will not sync to the watch.

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Hello @KJr024 

Have you tried to contact Fitbit support as @DrEvil has suggested? They might be able to help as well :)

Of course I did.  Both parties are looking into it.  But no definitive answer on when the problem will be fixed.  So much for buying a new device that I can't play my own music on, then paying $12.99 a month to subscribe to a service that I can't use.


I see the same thing happened back in July, and an update had to be pushed out.  I guess we're just waiting for this update.....