explicit content still coming through to samsung phone with deezer


set up Deezer account on iPad, and blocked explicit content in the settings.

My 10 year old listens to deezer on this account with his Samsung phone however, explicit content is still coming through to samsung deezer on his playlist. The song in particular is German, no money enterprise. It is inactive on the playlist on the iPad, but on the same playlist on the Samsung, it can be selected,.

By the way, there is no explicit content blocker button on the Samsung app.

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Hi there @Riyan 

Thanks for getting to us with your query.

You do have to toggle the explicit filter on for each app you use the account one. There is indeed a button in the Android app, you just need to check the app settings :thumbsup_tone2:

Have you got the latest version of the app installed?

Help. Explicit content still showing even after checking off in account settings?


Yeah okay, so I have gone into the desktop and the IOS app, and already had the explicit filters  checked on both devices. This what my son was reading, and listening to?? Sort this out, or I will unsubscribe

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Thanks for reporting this to us! I'll ask someone to take a look and investigate what's happening. 

Thank you. Please let me know, as I am not using Deezer until it is sorted.

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Thanks for coming back @Riyan is there any chance you can give us the link for the explicit content? Or is it happening to different tracks?

This is to support the report to our developers about what you're facing and because it could be that certain tracks weren't flagged as explicit as they should be :thumbsup_tone2:

Can you see the link in the screenshot?

Also. this Tygra - Bop song recommends all explicit albums on both IOS and desktop.




I'm having the same problem. I have the latest Deezer Android app, and I have activated the hide explicit content on the Web version as well but it keeps coming through.

Your Valentine promotions also have a lot of explicit content. How can I opt out. 


Kindly assist. 

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Hi there @LawyM 

Thanks for reporting.

About the explicit content, in general, please try clearing the app's cache and restarting your phone.

And to opt-out of the notifications, check the same settings within the app. For more info, please see here:


@Rudi I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times on several devices and but explicit content still keeps being recommended. For now I've will have to uninstall the app for minors. Do let me know when you get a solution.