Deezer won't close completely and Deezer for Android auto is a pain

  • 3 June 2019
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I have 2 issues since I switch fron iOS to Android.

  1. Just like iOS, when you click the home button or swipe up the music continues. as Expected. But when you close the app (iOS double click home button and swipe up) Deezer stops playing music. On my Huawei, when I force deezer to close, music still plays. and Impossible to close it from the control center. This is a f!*/)%& pain.
  2. On Apple carplay, when you click on a playlist, you can drag down and up to choose the music directly. On android auto, you click on the playslist and it plays. That's it. you can't choose the music. The option was available when you had Deezer for free. I am paying for Prenium+ ffs. I can't choose the music in my car. I mean what the actual fu.
  3. I hope you guys really about to release dark mode cause there is too many issue. Been a prenium for couples years. About to switch to Spotify and google cause this is too much.
Sincely, a pissed off customer.

1 reply

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@Anzer Hey! Thanks for getting in touch 🙂 To your questions:
  1. Can you delete the app and reinstall it please? Please find all info about this process and full troubleshooting here
  2. What car model do you have?
  3. I can fully understand you, our developers are currently working on this, and we hope the dark mode will be available very soon 🙂 Please make sure you vote and follow the thread for further information and updates 🙂