Deezer on Galaxy Tab S7-Cannot run in Browser or Install App

  • 5 December 2021
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I have an old Deezer account (free) that I never used. I want to seriously explore streaming at this point. I can log in from a browser in my Galaxy Tablet S7, but I cannot find an option to Play anything. But often various websites treat my S7 as  just a mobile device, so I just went to Google Play and tried to download/install the mobile app. And that fails with the message "something went wrong. Try again."

This is not a good start. Is there a solution?



Ps. I tried a couple other Google Play hosted apps, including Amazon Music .  No install problems other than Deezer.

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3 replies

Looks like a Google authentication problem.  dave

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Sorry @DaveLeeNC did you manage to download the app? 


@Yula Thanks for the follow-up. I simply logged into the second of my two Google accounts and that fixed the issue. I have never had to do that before with Google Play. It is resolved.