Deezer on Android system in the car

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Hello all,

I have an Android system on my car.
When i'm using Deezer and picking up a playlist or even using Flow and then loading up Waze (which means deezer on the background) after the song ends and going to the next one, I cannot hear the song until I minimize waze, entering deezer again and then I can hear the song.

Someone know how to handle this issue?

I will mention that it's setup on the app setting withing the Android that deezer will not close at the background.

Thank for the helping!

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@Rudi Anything about it ?

Saw this post . Anja wrote a year a go that you are investigating it but it seems like this issue still there .

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Good point @Noam Asulin

@Eyalf83 have you tried reinstalling both apps to see if it helps?

In the meantime I'll check if there's anything wrong with this.
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Hello Rudi,

Yes, I reinstalled Deezer and restored the whole android to default factory.
the issue remain.
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Thanks for reporting back. Have you tried connecting to the car first and then launching the app?
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Hi Rudi,

That's not needed because the Deezer app is installed directly on my android system in the car.
I'm not using my phone in any way.
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Oh, ok @Eyalf83 could you tell me your model?