Deezer mobile app (Android) missing add queue to playlist

  • 27 February 2020
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My Win 10 desktop app has the following button.

This button used to be on the mobile app, I mainly use it to create playlist from a musical queue that Deezer has suggested to me. But this option is now missing in the app. 


When I click on queue list in deezer Android app this feature is no longer there.

What happened to this feature?

Rudi 2 months ago

Hey @Placido09 @LuukS @Drex1989 @Onkez 

Our devs informed us there's a fix on the mends right now, everyone. Thank you for your patience!

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14 replies

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Hi there @Exist2Resist 

Thanks for reaching out and for your patience. Have you tried reinstalling the Android app?

Also worth checking if the option is actually available when you press the 3 dots on the player e6YBHn8C0RyClRTafn-3338_qEaFBq0vk4J988RaYE04wS-AgAifWpLHmjeM0-M-a6fcmIbAFosDDm4zbj2f-PaynyUC50WT5gRPRSDZllLZ2f815uRcjg5KKz-hHL8lA7Qe134A


Yes I have tried reinstalling the app, the option is available for single tracks but not the queue list.

I’m looking for it specifically in the queue list. 


It is available on the Windows 10 desktop app but not the Android app.



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Thank you for clarifying it @Exist2Resist :wink:

Please vote for the idea here, every vote counts :thumbsup_tone2:


I have an android phone.

‘Add to queue’ button is not available on my Deezer app.

I’ve tried to reinstall the app and it didn’t help.

On the website the ‘Add to queue’ option works fine. the problem is only in the App.

Can anyone pls help? :)

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Hey @eze1124 

Thanks for reaching us out about this. Please have a look above for more info :wink:


I have the same issue on an Android phone, the ‘Add to queue’ is no longer available. Either when trying to add a playlist to currently playing or a single track.


Me as well I'm having the same issue in 2 different cellphones both with android, the "play next" option dissappears, I have tried reinstall the app an nothing 

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Hi, I had the same issues this weekend - 'add to queue' and 'play next' options disappeared, as did the option to manually alter the order of a playlist by dragging (all on Android). This appeared to be resolved yesterday, but the same problems occur again today... 

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I have the same problem

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Hey @Placido09 @LuukS @Drex1989 @Onkez 

Our devs informed us there's a fix on the mends right now, everyone. Thank you for your patience!

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Thanks, Rudi!

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Hello all, this should now be fixed with the latest version, keep an eye on the incoming update and let us know how it goes :wink:

It’s not fixed yet. That’s a lie.

The option is still missing in Android App

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Hey @Exist2Resist 

Thanks for letting us know. What app version have you got? And your OS? I'll double-check that with our devs :thumbsup_tone2: