Deezer Error! Change track every 30sec!

  • 10 November 2020
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I play music with Node stream player and Android Bueos app. 

2 days ago Deezer starded to change track every 30sec.!

How to stop it? 

I want to hear all track from start to the end, like it was before.... 

1 reply

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Hi there @Dmitry Oss 

Sorry that's happening. Could you try the following steps, exactly in this order, to see if it helps with your issue?

  • make sure you're connected to a wifi network
  • uninstall Deezer
  • clean your phone's cache
  • remove the SD card (if applicable)
  • turn off your phone
  • reinstall Deezer
  • open Deezer and download at least one album or playlist
  • reinsert the SD card (if applicable)

Let us know how it goes :thumbsup_tone2: