Question in some weird karaoke mode

  • 27 December 2018
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Ok, so I've been listening for music only in the past two days, meaning no words, only music.
Every song on my playlist has all the words muted (at least most of them). I can barely hear the words on max volume but music is too loud.

I'm guessing that happened when I pressed microphone icon and it started showing lyrics.
I tried re-opening lyrics and closing again, refreshing browser, logging in again, clearing cache, nothing works. Suddenly all my songs have no words, even the songs that DO NOT have microphone icon.

Help please?

1 reply

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Hi there,

Please do this procedures, exactly in this order, and let me know if it helps!

  • make sure you're connect to a wifi network
  • uninstall Deezer
  • clean your phone's cache
  • remove the SD card
  • turn off your phone
  • reinstall Deezer
  • open Deezer and download at least one album or playlist
  • reinsert the SD card