Cannot connect Android TV to deezer

  • 7 August 2019
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I am trying to run Deezer on Android TV (Sony Bravia TV). I can run Deezer application, it shows the code to enter at After I enter the code from desktop browser, the app on TV immediately shows "Connecting....", this goes on for some time and I'm back to login screen. The TV appears in the list of connected devices in my profile, but the application on the TV insists on logging on again.

I have tried multiple times. I have tried to uninstall the application and install it again. The same result -- shows the code, shows "connecting" after I enter the code, goes back to login screen.

Please help.

8 replies

...and the very same thing happens when I try to login using email/password from the TV app: "connecting", the back to login screen.

And yes, my internet connection is very stable and fast.
Dear @avysk ,

Thank you for using our Android TV application.
We are sorry to learn that you're experiencing issues to connect to the service on your Android TV.

We need a bit more context in order to provide you with a suitable solution.
Could you indicate following information :
  • Type of account (Free/Premium/Family)
  • In case of a family account, which profile are you using on the web while trying to enter the code
Thank you for your help.

Best regards,
@Gabriel B. I have a premium account.
...any hope for some advise?...@Gabriel B.
Dear @avysk ,

Your connection issue with Android TV application is very unfortunate.
We are currently working on a similar issue with family accounts, but we are not aware of any trouble so far with premium accounts.

In order to help our engineering team with investigation, could you answer following questions ?
  • Can you successfully connect to your account with the same credentials on either iOS or Android mobile application with both Wi-Fi/mobile data networks ?
  • Do you use any VPN/proxy with your tv ?
  • From which country are you connecting ?
Once again, thank you for your help.

Best regards
I am not quite sure what you mean by "the same credentials", because TV application normally does not ask for credentials; it shows the code to enter on And after that I can see that the TV appears in connected devices, as I've mentioned in the first message.

Nevertheless, if we are talking about same account not same credentials, then yes, it works on iPhone with both wifi and cellular. And I just installed deezer to Android phone -- works (I have tried to log in via facebook, success, then I've logged out and logged in with deezer email/password -- success).

No, I am not using any VPN/proxy with my TV.

I'm connecting from Finland.
A little bit of additional information: as I've mentioned I see the TV appearing in connected devices. I tried to run Deezer on the TV right now, it showed the code, I have entered it at, the TV showed 'connecting' for some time and then moved me back to login screen. However, this is what I see in my profile in "Connected devices" about the TV:

Added on 12/08/2019 20:44:28
Last login 15/08/2019 18:18:48

Notice not only the TV was added few days ago, it registered "login" from it today. Just TV application did not recognize that it logged in successfully.
Also, if it helps: the same TV has Chromecast built-in. I can easily cast deezer from my phone to it, everything works, unlike the case of native TV deezer application.