Can't login only on one phone: "Deezer unavailabe in your country"

I have weird situation.

My kid have account on Deezer and can’t login on her phone (realme8). But she can login with her account at desktop, at my android phone and at iPhone. Also she can login in web version from same phone in Chrome. Only Deezer app not working.


We are in Serbia, Deezer is not banned here. My account works fine, her account works fine on other devices and web version. I suppose something stuck inside app or phone settings. I’ve tried to reinstall app (with cleaning caches and rebooting phone). Nothing changed.


So, question is simple - what should i tune on her phone to bypass this issue?


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Hello @Sworhun!

This is very weird, can you make sure the app is reinstalled from the Play Store. 

Also is the phone set in another country, maybe? 

If the problem continues, please contact Support here! They will be able to look into the account. 

Hey @Sworhun 

Is an error message displayed?

Yes, it tells me “Deezer unavailabe in your country”

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Hey @Sworhun 

Is an error message displayed?