Bugs since the last update

  • 8 October 2021
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Good morning,


Since the last update from the 20.09, I noticed some bugs that are a bit annoying:

1- The shuffle function when deactivated when a song is playing, stops the song and change the playlist. In the past it was not happening, you could activate and deactivate the shuffle function without any loss or song stop.

2- I use a loudspeaker and sometimes when a song is played and I want to change it, as soon as I open the Deezer app, the song stops and the playlist disappear from the listening queue.


For your information:

I use the android version of the app and I have a Fairphone 3+ as a phone.


Thanks in advance for your help.


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7 replies

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I have been experiencing the same on my stable Deezer version, Android 11.

I tried clearing cache and rebooting the phone - it hasn’t happened again so far. Still monitoring.

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Hey @RaphGM a new release is out now, version
Please update and let me know if the problem persists.
Thanks for your feedback :)

@Jai The shuffle problem is solved!

I can click on the shuffle button while playing a song without disturbance, thanks!!

I will check the problem I had with my loudspeaker as soon as I get back home but my guess is that it was linked to the same shuffle issue.

Thanks again!

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I now have the latest version of the app since yesterday, and it appears the issue is fixed. :)

My Favourites won't play without an Internet connection it's happened in the past but righted itself, but it's gone off again and only playing via Internet connection 

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Hey @martyn sheward they don’t play with Mobile data? Only with Wifi?
Or the problem is that you can’t play your favourites in offline mode? If that is the case can you please let me know if you get an error message and provide a screenshot?

Everything is working ok now, this has happened on a few  occurrences over the last few years, I can play back my Favourites without an Internet connection.