[Bug] Explicit content is being shown, even though I disabled it.

  • 11 July 2021
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I reported this issue a few months ago in the lower topic, which has been closed to my surprise. Would like to know why aswell?

The issue still hasn't been addressed by Deezer, and I'm still seeing Explicit Content in hometab, and as search results. Basically all over the apps.

If Deezer doesn't care about fixing this bug, why offer such a feature in the first place? You can just aswell remove the "Don't show Explicit Content" feature.

Can it be so difficult to look into this with all the necessary manpower, and fix it? If you don't want to fix it, atleast stop fooling the users into thinking that the feature is actually working.



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6 replies

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This thread seems to be ignored.

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Thanks for tagging me! @Harmonie 

Apologies for the delay in responding - I think the topic title made it fall through the net here. Always tag me, just in case :relaxed:

By the way, I reopened the topic above manually - we have an automatic system which closes topics due to inactivity - our fault in this case, but please don't think it was done deliberately!

Our teams are still working on this. I've forwarded all your details to the ticket. It seems to be only affecting albums :thinking:

Have you got 6.2.31 already?

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Gotchu. Thanks for clarification. 

Yes I'm on Version

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Ok, just to keep you in the loop @Harmonie been following this closer and there's a discussion.

The issue isn't a bug, it's something needing more care on our side because the explicit content you see is from a generic section of the app, not personalised content. Although I have some doubts on the Search bit :thinking:

In any case, I do agree with you on this and I'm escalating this internally at Deezer to see if we can get it sorted (whichever the solution is) so that you don't have to see any explicit content in your app. Thanks a lot for your patience!

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Thanks for your response.

I again marked this unintentionally as 'answered' when I only wanted to thumbs up your reply. Can you undo this for me please? 


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Just done it. @Harmonie 

And don't worry, I bookmarked this page, it won't leave my sight :wink: