Bose choppy sound

  • 23 November 2021
  • 4 replies

I just bought a Bose sound link speaker, but on several occasions the sound is choppy, but if I used any other application for music doesn't have any sound issue, the problem is only with Deezer (it's happening sometimes, not always)

4 replies

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No solution but I've been having the same issue when Chromecasting for the past week or two. I assumed it had something to do with Deezer's servers. 

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Hello @Porfirio and @Rick P., can you go through this post and see if it addresses your problems?

If not, you can reply back here for  a continued correspondence.

Hi Frisky,

That’s isn’t my case, I don’t have the HiFi plan, just the standard one.

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That isn't my case either. While I do have a hifi plan Chromecast does not use a Bluetooth connection.