Annoying sound (beep) at the beginning of each song with bluetooth headphones

  • 15 May 2020
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I use Deezer Premium on Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ with all  current updates.

For a few days (since the last update) of Deezer a beep sound began to appear at the beginning of each streamed song  when i use a bluetooth device( two different models headphones or speaker ). The sound is accompanied by a decrease in volume per second similar to a notification when a message is received while listening to music. In fact, there are no notifications. The headphones are charged .

I haven't had any problems before this case.

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance!


1 reply

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Hi there @StunevS 

Thanks a lot for reporting this to us. What's the app version? Have you tried reinstalling the app?

Do you open the app before or after connecting the headphones?