Annoying skipping sound on songs

I complained before about the irritation skipping sound on most of my tracks. I did everything I was asked to do and infact I even got a new phone. But unfortunately the skipping and scratching are still there.

Please, I need a solution as I am no longer enjoying the app.


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Hi there, sorry about that. On which device is this happening? Can you please send a link to a song this is happening on?

On my Samsung Galaxy note 9.

I have deleted the app, cleared my phone's cache, removed my sd card, restarted my phone and re-installed the app(and downloaded some albums) but the problem is still there.

Link to sample song: Discover "Santa's Coming For Us" by Sia on Deezer

had the same with this song on windows 10
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Hi there @judicael94

Thanks for reporting this. Could you please try clearing your app's cache? 😉