Annoying pauses between tracks destroy whole albums!

  • 27 September 2018
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This is not acceptable, many artists design the albums with a smooth passage between two following tracks. The awful pause cutting between tracks is not only destroying the experience but also interfere with the content, vision and the ideas of the authors! In Florence & the Machines, Eluvium, Susanne Sundfør, (just to name a few) situation, I would withdraw the rights to use the albums on Deezer platform.

3 replies

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Hi there, are you talking about the crossfade? see this - 😉

I experience the same problem, so thought to my chagrin I would go to the bass-gangster at Tidal or the hifi-haters at Spotify or even to Jeff Bezos’ Hydra headquarters, but will try the Crossfade-link first :-) 

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Hey @Per Christian Veberg 

Interesting feedback! Hahaha

Check this little post out here :wink: if you don't have it, it's on its way :thumbsup_tone2: