Android mobile app album favorites not in sync with desktop

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Hey @Callum.Plumb @Ala Fryczkowska

Thank you for your input. Sorry that's happened. I've moved your comment here, to group with others in relation to this issue. We're working on it, please keep your app updated and stay tuned for updates here 👍🏼
Hhello, since yesterday about hundred something of my favorite tracks were wiped, what can I do to restore them?
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Hi there @DoomCheck

This seems to be related to an existing issue which we're currently investigating. That's why I've moved your comment here. Please try to clear the app's cache in the meantime, and we'll come back to this forum once there's an update.
Hi @Rudi any news on this?
Maybe a backlog of bugs would be interesting here (dev talking ...) likes issues on GitHub to see dev team progress.

Despite the fact that it need to be correct, I'd like to know (if you can tell) what caused this ?

Thanks a lot, have a nice day.
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Hi there @Edaesa

Thank you for your query. I've requested an update but we can't see the details of what caused this, unless our devs explain on the update page we've got. It's been worked on, and it has affected other users as well, with a marginal difference in numbers between Android device and desktop - the problem is that other cases not related to this made the investigation a bit more complex. I'll let you know once there's a development and/or more details to share.