Android Issues - Symptoms and Answers

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Having some issues with your Android device? Try some of these troubleshooting tips and try and get back streaming.

When it comes to technical difficulties the simplest answer is usually the correct one.
So, firstly, turn it off and on again.

If that didn’t work, we’ve tried to help by including ‘symptoms,’ so you can relate what you see on Deezer with the right issue and solution.

SD card





  • Error message – “Error – failed to play”/”Request content not loading
  • Cannot download entire albums
  • Error message - "Unable to create a directory to store your download music and launch the application? This may be because your phone is connected to a USB port"


Possible Solutions

Reset the card


  1. Remove the SD card
  2. Delete the Deezer app
  3. Reinstall the Deezer app
  4. Log in
  5. Insert the SD card

Change storage location
This is particularly effective if some of your songs have become greyed out. (there’s also a quick troubleshoot with Smart Cache if this problem persists.



  1. Remove the SD card
  2. Delete the Deezer app
  3. Pop your SD card back in
  4. Install the Deezer app
  5. Head to My Music
  6. Tap the Settings icon
  7. Touch App settings
  8. Scroll down to Disk Usage
  9. Tap Change storage
  10. Select Internal memory
  11. Log in to Deezer

You can go back to using the external memory, but you may have these problems again.



Smart Cache





  • Deezer is being slow/Deezer says your storage is full
  • Some of your songs have become greyed out



Possible Solutions

Refresh the Smart Cache
If you don’t want to delete your downloads but the cache in your app is full, you can remove some of the data and refresh the smart cache.



  1. Go to My Music
  2. Tap on the Settings icon
  3. Tap App Settings
  4. Scroll down to Smart Cache
  5. Move the slider slightly to the left depending on how much space you want to free)

Keep in mind if move the slider all the way to the left, your downloads will disappear too.

Delete the Smart Cache
Didn’t work? Try deleting your whole cache if the Smart Cache refresh hasn’t worked.
You can delete the cache, but remember it will delete your downloads too.



  1. Go to My Music
  2. Tap on the Settings icon
  3. Tap on App settings
  4. Scroll down to Disk Usage
  5. Touch Clear all


Other Symptoms and Solutions

Songs have greyed out


  • If you have undergone the two troubleshoots above and your songs are still greyed out, this may be due to the rights. The songs may have been temporarily taken off of Deezer while we renegotiate terms.
  • Or, you could be in offline mode and not know it. Have a quick check.

Music pausing after each song while using the headphone jack?



  • Do you have SoundAlive downloaded on your phone? If you do – easy peasy. Disable the SoundAlive+ button, and you should be good to go.

Have to keep hitting play after your songs finish?



  • There are a few apps that put Deezer on hibernate mode – such as security and antivirus applications.
  • Have a quick look in your phone settings or perhaps one of the security apps to see if one is enabled.

If none of these get you streaming, have a look to see if anyone has posted a thread with the same problem.


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I can see the song, and deezer is loading to play..but than nothing happend..
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Im still paying my subscription buy Deezer is not playing any music. Fix it before i cancel!
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Can you give a bit more information? E.g. is this on a phone? Or PC web browser (or both)?
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Its through the app on my android phone. It just scrolls and says "loading" but nothing happens
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@Christopher.Mallett I'd try uninstalling the app then turning your phone off an on, re-installing the app and let us know if that helps (it's sounds basic but sometimes app crash etc).
"Can't load content" keeps popping on my screen and I can't listen to music even when I'm on wifi or my network is working fine. If I want to go back to listening again I have to uninstall the app and then install it again. Can't you guys help me?
Hello, my dezzer is stuck loading musik. I guess it's some sort of bug.. sometimes, almost rendomly, dezzer gets stuck loading a song and nothing helps, exept reinstalling the app. That is especialy anoing when I have about 6GB of musik in my downloads, wich I have to download again after I reinstalled the app.

I have hed that issue for some time now and it ocured a cuple of times.

Fix this fast pls.
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@Christopher.Mallett, also if @Rob Igo suggestions don't work, does this happen on wifi as well as mobile network?
Already describe but can't listen or play the song or download it and i have already paid .
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Hi @Paulo Henrique Moreira, on which device does this happen?
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Hi @Moritz Sauer, on which device does this happen and does this happen on wifi and mobile network?
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Hi @DJ MK, on what device does this happen?
Hello Anja, This issue occurs on my HTC one M8 with Androide 6.0
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Thanks for the reply 🙂 Please go to App settings in the Deezer app and increase the size of the smart cache a bit. Afterwards restart Deezer. Does that help? If not, do you use a sd card in the device?
Thanks, I will try it out and report back if it dosen't help.
Every 30 minutes I get the message "Error: the requested content is not loading" and I have to change my cache. Wasn't expecting such poor service for a paid app.
I have the same problem..i paid for premium and still can't listening 😞 all the time is loading.
Device mobile android
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Hi @Lohan, does this happen on Android? If so, please increase the size of the smartcache a bit and restart the app. If doesn't help, do you use an sd card in the device?

Ik heb eergisteren premium bij jullie aangeschaft. Alleen kan ik bijna geen muziek afspelen, bij 9/10 liedjes die ik wil afspelen krijg ik deze melding. Wat kan ik of kunnen jullie hieraan doen?

Rutger d'Haens

Do not play music
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@Rutger d'Haens, @pretty.nigga, I moved your topic to this one. Please try the steps under "Sd card" and "Smart Cache". Does that help?
Hey there,

I'm getting error messages whenever I try play certain tracks on my mobile device. This happens on 50% or so of my music. I'm tried coming off WiFi, going into airplane mode, everthing but these error messages come up anyway.
My music cuts out when my phone screen goes to sleep
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@Ed Fousset, I moved your question to this topic. Please go through the steps mentioned and let me know if you still have the issues 🙂
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Hi @3302collett, please try to disable the battery saving / App optimisation and try again. Does that help? If not, what's the model you're using and does the music cut in the middle of a song or after a song has finished?