Android App Crashes

I use the Android App in Airplane Mode with activated WLAN and Bluetooth. From time to time I've Problems with the App. It seems that the App has no connection to the Internet. But the Internet connection is ok, the browser is showing no problems. The App doesn't react and the app doesn't complete the start side.

The behaviour can't be solved by restarting the app. A Restart of the device and the app doesn't help either.

Some days ago I got a Popup that the device is in Airplane mode - but as mentioned above WLAN and Bluetooth was activated.

Is it possible that the Problems are related to the Airplane Mode?

Then the Problems are not present and the App operates normal.

Do you have an idea to identify a possible Bug?

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Hey @G3W0 ! Thanks for reaching out 🙂 Can you give us further info about the model and OS version of the device you currently use please?
I use a Lenovo TB-X704L with Android 7.1.1
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@G3W0 hey! Android must be at least 8, can you update your OS and let me know please? 🙂
Thank you for your Information. Unfortunately Lenovo doesn't offer a newer Android version for the tablet. So it is not possible to test with a newer Android version. What a shame! Thank you for your help.

Kindest Regards G3W0
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