Album added twice to queue on Deezer mobile app

  • 14 November 2020
  • 3 replies

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When I add an album to my listen to queue it is added twice. Like if an album has 10 songs I find my queue with 20 songs added. How can I avoid that? 

3 replies

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Hey @Jaco66 

Sorry to hear that's happened. Have you tried clearing the app's cache to see if it helps? If yes, could you please let us know your Android and Deezer app versions?

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I tried different things, among those also clearing the cache, but it still happens. 

My Deezer version is and it runs on a OnePlus 6T with Android Oxygen OS 10.3.6


Not a big issue, but still a little annoying 

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Thanks for coming back to us @Jaco66 forwarded your details to our devs to check the next steps - will get back to you with a response once I've heard back :thumbsup_tone2: